Desperate parents tell us: 'we will sell our home to pay for our son's autism therapy'

A family from Cornwall say they will sell their home to pay for their four year old son to a have an intensive autism therapy not available on the NHS.

Will Stuteley from Helston is at the non-verbal end of the autism spectrum which affects only 1 in 4 autistic children.

Mum Rebecca says before Will started a specialist therapy known as ABA or 'Applied Behaviour Analysis' he was unable to communicate.

Will has now leant to say his first word, 'baby'.

His parents Rebecca and Joe and have managed to raise £12,00 through sponsored walks and events to pay for a therapist to visit their home over the last year, and for a teaching assistant at Will's school to be trained in ABA too.

But they say they will need to sell their home if Will is to continue ABA therapy throughout his childhood.

They say they are in talks with Cornwall Council to see if teachers in schools across Cornwall could eventually be trained in ABA.