Commuters are being urged to help influence future decisions on how to improve congestion and the region's air quality.

The University of the West of England is leading the biggest ever study of its kind to ask people for their views on the future of work, leisure and travel in the area.

Responses from 'ClairCity' will then be used to inform the decisions of the new Metro Mayor in what will be one of the biggest issues for the winning candidate.

With the help of the public we'll be forming a policy package that we'll be putting in front of the Mayor and saying 'here's the future citizens want to engage with, here's a cleaner, healthier future, now how can we work together to create that environment?'

Professor Enda Hayes, study lead

We went on the road with three commuters - who each take three different ways of commuting.

And whether by car, bike or bus, all are hoping to do so stress-free.


Laura Fogg-Rogers

With two children to get to nursery and school, Laura Fogg-Rogers says she has little choice but to use her car for travelling to work from her South Gloucestershire home.

Making choices to reduce air pollution needs to feel like the convenient, easy option and for me currently they don't and that's what we need to change.

Laura Fogg-Rogers

Corra Boushel

Corra Boushel rides 30 minutes to her office from Bristol and says it's the fastest way for her to travel.

It's also more reliable and I know how long it's going to take me every day," she adds. "There are other options of travel but it's about making those options as easy as possible.

Corra Boushel

Emily Prestwood

Emily Prestwood owns a car but feels for work the bus is best. She also travels almost 4 miles which takes around 30 minutes.

The flexibility is good for me in using the buses. It's more environmental considerations as I'd prefer not to drive to work."

Emily Prestwood
  • The air quality survey is available here.

  • You can access the project website here.