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Labour Metro Mayor candidate: coming second is a 'remarkable result'

Lesley Mansell came second in the first ever West of England Metro Mayor election. Photo: ITV West Country

Labour's Lesley Mansell has come second in the race to become the West of England's first ever Metro Mayor.

She told ITV News it was a "remarkable result" for the party, who have not performed well in local elections across the region.

Despite winning the majority of first preference votes in Bristol, across the rest of the region, Labour did not fair so well. Conservative Tim Bowles won to become the Metro Mayor, beating second place Lesley Mansell by 4,377 votes.

Labour's candidate is hopeful for the future of her party however, telling ITV News that the "Labour Party will take the government on June 9".

Slowly but surely the Labour party is coming back together.

– Lesley Mansell

On a more personal note, when asked if she would continue in politics, Lesley replied "don't write me off."