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One of the world's smelliest plants blooms in Cornwall

The Titan Arum is not only very big, it has a very big smell Credit: ITV News

Visitors have been flocking to the Eden Project in Cornwall to see one of the smelliest plants on the planet

The titan arum (amorphophallus titanum) is one of the giants of the natural world. It flowers for just two days every few years. It's also known as the Corpse Flower because of its rather unique odour.

Nathan Mansbridge is a storyteller at the Eden Project so we thought he'd be best placed to describe the smell.

However you describe it, everyone agrees that it is pretty unpleasant. The titan arum even generates its own heat to spread the smell further - it's reported that you can smell them up to half a mile away.

The titan arum's aim is not to stink us all out but to attract insects to pollinate it.

The rare plant hails from Sumatra in Indonesia but this specimen was grown from a cutting. This year's flower is just over 2m tall but they can reach 3m - giant in stature as well as aroma.

For such a smelly flower it has a certain elegance Credit: ITV News