Campaigners fill 'death trap' potholes with flowers in Bath

Jason Dorley-Brown and friends have had enough of the state of the roads. Credit: ITV News

Fed up with the state of the city's roads, 'guerilla gardeners' are filling Bath's potholes with flowers.

Jason Dorley-Brown and friends want to draw attention to what he calls a potential "death trap".

Without being too dramatic [they are] potentially a death trap, for cyclists especially and then you have the damage to cars.

Jason Dorley-Brown

Back in January it was announced that Bath and North East Somerset Council was to receive 4.4 million pounds to tackle the state of the roads - including repairing potholes. The campaigners insist this is not an anti-council act, they just want to see that money spent on repairing more holes.

Credit: ITV News

The amount given to BANES council to tackle the state of the roads.

Credit: ITV News