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Theresa May says she has never been fox hunting but would offer a free vote

Theresa May tells Robert Peston she would hold a free vote on fox hunting. Photo: ITV News

Theresa May has outlined her position on fox hunting during a Facebook Live with Robert Peston.

The Conservative Party leader admitted that she had never been fox hunting but said that fox culling methods need to be addressed. She wants to hold a free Parliamentary vote, this would give those who agree with the pursuit the opportunity to overturn existing legislation which bans the sport.

My view is that it should a free vote for Parliament so members of Parliament individually will be able to exercise their view, their discretion on this matter.

– Theresa May, Leader of the Conservative Party
Theresa May has said she is in favour of fox hunting. Credit: PA Images

Last week the Prime Minister sad she was "in favour" of the controversial activity, which has been illegal since 2004 after a new law was introduced by Tony Blair's Labour government.

The prospect of overturning the ban has angered animal welfare campaigners though, who argue that fox hunting is a "barbaric and brutal" practice.