The Labour manifesto: what it means for the West Country

'For the many not the few' is the title of Labour's 2017 election manifesto. Credit: PA Images

Jeremy Corbyn announced major plans for rail, the NHS and Higher Education during his party's manifesto launch in Bradford this morning, but what do Labour's potential future policies mean for the West Country?

It was the Labour leader's pledges on transport that will impact our region the most, the party promises to electrify every rail line in the West. Adding power lines to speed up our trains has long been a political ambition and the Great Western Line through to Wales is being electrified at the moment. The scheme is running late however and some stretches, between Bristol's two main stations, have been delayed.

From rail to the roads and Jeremy Corbyn plans to cut the cost of travelling to Wales by axing the toll to cross the Severn. A policy promise his rival Theresa May has also made.

ITV West Country took to the streets of East Bristol, a Labour constituency that could be at risk of a Tory takeover, to see what the public made of the new Labour manifesto:

Elsewhere, the West Country's hospitals could benefit from an extra £37bn Labour will put into the NHS. The party's policies have been criticised by those asking where the money for this funding will come from. The answer: raising taxes for those earning more than £80,000 per year, a proposal the Shadow Health Secretary John Ashworth used a trip to Bristol to defend.

With the other main parties' manifestos due to be released any minute now, we will soon see how their potential policies compare.