Alongside major announcements including plans to lower immigration, investment in the NHS and means-testing winter fuel payments, the Conservative manifesto appeared to address questions about the cost of social care.

Theresa May has pledged to raise the threshold at which people are eligible for free social care and people can pay for their care expenditure after death.

Financial experts though are carefully cautious about the social care funding model.

Delving deeper into the Conservative's manifesto and the party outlines ideas around how to tackle rural isolation and take back control of our waters.

Theresa May says she wants to provide "stability to farmers as we leave the EU" and offer MPs a free vote on fox hunting. Across the West Country, between scattered cities are our countryside and coastal communities. These are the polices both could expect from a Conservative government.

Countryside communities

We will bring sustainable growth to the rural economy and boost our rural areas, so that people live in the countryside have the same opportunities as those who live in our towns and cities.

Conservative Party manifesto
The Conservative Party says it has huge ambitions for the farming industry. Credit: ITV News

On the issue of rural isolation, the Conservatives promise to support pharmacies and village schools in rural areas as well as safeguard the post office network. Theresa May's party wants to:

work with the Post Office to extend the availability of business and banking services to families and small businesses in rural areas.

Conservative Party manifesto
The manifesto outlines plans to help coastal communities. Credit: ITV News

Coastal communities

Discussing the future of the country's coastal areas, the manifesto outlines plans to extend the Coastal Communities Fund to 2022 and in relation to the nation's fishing communities the manifesto reads:

A new Conservative government will work with the fishing industry and with our world-class marine scientists, as well as the devolved administrations, to introduce a new regime for commercial fishing that will preserve and increase fish stocks and help to ensure prosperity for a new generation of fishermen.

Conservative Party manifesto