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Blind man refused job over guide dog finally offered dream role

Ian Brooks has been offered a job after a company saw his story. Photo: ITV News

Back in February ITV West Country spoke to Ian Brooks, a blind man from Glastonbury who was refused the chance of a job because his prospective employer did not want a guide dog in the office.

Well, a company in London saw his story online and invited Ian to interview - they have since offered him his dream job.

It is safe to say Ian is over-the-moon with his new job which is in his ideal industry.

It's really hard to explain how happy I am, there aren't the words to explain it. This job ticks all the boxes for me, I'll be programming, working in the game industry and helping other blind/partially sighted people. Wow!

I'd like to say thank you to ITV, and the people who watched my story and shared it on social media because if it wasn't for you and them then this story wouldn't have reached the desks of Conspexit who offered me an interview and subsequently the job.

THANK YOU to each and everyone one of you!

– Ian Brooks
Ian will soon be a programmer for games company Conspexit. Credit: ITV News

Conspexit, based in London, are developing a mobile app for the visually impaired. They have hired Ian as a programmer after he impressed them with his problem-solving skills.

It's welcome news following months of job searching and a period where Ian says he was made to feel "worthless" because his guide dog inhibited him from being offered a job.

We're absolutely delighted to welcome Ian - and his guide dog, Velvet - to the Conspexit family.

He brings with him a mix of programming talent and plenty of enthusiasm that fits in perfectly with the trailblazing ambition of both Conspexit and its daughter company, Conspexit Games Studios.

– Eirik Moseng, CEO & Co-Founder