University students reveal true extent of sexual assaults

The true extent of sexual assault suffered by university students has been uncovered by a group of women in Bristol.

Student journalist Hannah Price put a request out for people's experiences after noticing that sexual assault had become the "new normal" and she was inundated with students wanting to share their stories.

Hannah put together a Snapchat video where girls revealed attacks from groping to rape, using the app's filters to disguise their faces.

I was on a night out in first year and some guys behind me were grabbing my bum and touching me inappropriately. I kept turning round and saying 'can you not do that please' and moving away and the more angry I got, the more they laughed in my face.

Bristol University student

The women said emojis and filters helped them feel confident enough to speak out about what had happened as Snapchat is an app they are familiar with, part of their everyday life.

The video, published on the student newspaper's website has had an enormous reaction, part of a campaign #RevoltAgainstSexualAssault.

Acknowledging the issue, Director of Student services at the University of Bristol told ITV West Country:

We've developed workshops designed for our first year students to actually start thinking through some of the issues realating to sexual consent. We're also due to embark on a new programme called the bystander intervention which is a training programme for staff in our residences in order for them to feel more equipped and have the confidence to help re-shape the cultre they encounter and the kind of behaviour which can otherwise go unchallenged and unnoticed.

Mark Ames, Director of Student Services, University of Bristol

For more information about sexual assault and how to get support if you are a survivor of sexual violence, visit the Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support (SARSAS) website.