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UK terror threat level: what does it mean for me?


The UK's terror threat level has been reduced from critical to severe.

This means the likelihood of an attack is highly likely rather than imminent.

Here's what that means in the police force where you live:


Because plans are already in place, people living in the Avon and Somerset force area will still see high levels of policing, including armed officers, throughout the Bank Holiday weekend.

After this armed officers will no longer be seen out and about as they have been in recent days - but will still be ready to respond.

Our priority is to protect the public and provide them with as much reassurance as they need.

– Avon and Somerset Police

"We constantly review our security measures and activities to reflect where the threats exist and there is still no specific threat to the south west."


In Wiltshire, officers both armed and unarmed will remain on patrol in key locations over the weekend "as a precaution".

Police say this is in order to offer reassurance to communities.

After the bank holiday weekend, we will be looking to step down the extra resources that were in place over the last week.

The military support which has been in place in key locations across the country will start to phase out as well.

– Wiltshire Police

There may still be additional security checks at ports, airports and train stations.


Gloucestershire Police is reassuring the public that they will continue to see a visible police presence over the weekend in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Some officers will be armed.

DCC Jon Stratford says information from the public can be vital.

You are our eyes and eyes and ears. If you are concerned, please dial 999 immediately or if you think you have information which can help in keeping people safe, you can call the anti-terror hotline 0800 789321.

– DCC Jon Stratford

Police in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset will continue to maintain "an overt firearms presence" across Devon & Cornwall and Dorset during the bank holiday weekend - so people may see more officers out on the streets.

We would like to remind people that they should remain alert, not alarmed, and to support us in keeping our region safe by keeping an eye out for anything that seems out of place, unusual or doesn’t seem to fit with day to day life.

– Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Taylor

In a statement on behalf of Dorset Police and Devon & Cornwall Police, Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Taylor, said: “As people will be aware, the Prime Minister has now reduced the national security threat level from critical to severe"

“However, she has also said that the additional resources given from the military will remain in place until midnight on Monday. Therefore, we will continue to maintain an overt firearms presence during the bank holiday weekend, and as a result the public may see more officers out on the streets."