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The British Cheese Awards: what makes a winner?

The Royal Bath & West Show is home to the prestigious British Cheese Awards. Photo: PA

One of the biggest agricultural shows in the country starts tomorrow in Somerset.

The Royal Bath and West Show is on for four days and features livestock competitions, entertainment and a whole range of different foods.

But one contest where we're likely to see some West Country successes is in the British Cheese Awards - which hosts over 800 British cheeses at the showground every year.

But what makes a winner?

Producers say an award-winning cheese needs the best quality milk. Credit: ITV West Country

You're never going to win an award unless you've got top quality milk going into your cheese so forget everything else, if you like, this is where it starts.

But actually there's an awful lot of skill that goes into the process afterwards.

– Giles Barber, cheesemaker
Credit: ITV West Country

The region is home to a number of world famous cheeses including Gloucester and Cheddar.

We've been to meet one entrant who make their produce from the village of Ditcheat, to find out what they think it takes to make a winner: