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Dog rescued and returned to family uninjured after falling down cliff

Rolo waiting to be rescued after falling down a cliff in Devon. Photo: Torbay Coastguard

Rolo, a chocolate labrador, has been happily reunited with her family after being rescued by the Coastguard.

Rolo the chocolate lab back safely with her family. Credit: Torbay Coastguard

The lab fell down a cliff at Landscove Holiday Park, Devon and at first she could not be found.

Cliff rescue operation in Devon. Credit: Torbay Coastguard

The RNLI Torbay Lifeboat carried out a shoreline search, while Berry Head and Torbay Coastguard teams searched the cliff face for signs of Rolo.

They were not having much luck until a cliff technician noticed some bushes moving and a second crew member was then sent down.

Two cliff technicians rescue Rolo the labrador in Devon. Credit: Torbay Coastguard

Rolo was found and carried up the cliff in a dog rescue bag to the top, where she was reunited, uninjured with her very happy owners.

Rolo being taken back up the cliff in a special carry bag. Credit: Torbay Coastguard

The Coastguard teams have issued some advice for dog walkers venturing near the sea.

  • Try and keep your dog on a lead near cliffs.
  • If your dog does fall down a cliff or starts getting swept out to sea, please do not attempt to rescue it yourself.
  • Coastguards are trained in all types of rescue on the coast, including dog rescues. Let the experts get your dog safely back to you.
Rolo was returned uninjured to her anxiously awaiting family. Credit: Torbay Coastguard