A young doctor who died of skin cancer has continued to raise money to fight the disease even after his death.

Mark Sims from Bristol was just 28 when he died of skin cancer in January.

Before he died he had already raised £100,000 for Cancer Research UK but fundraising has continued in his memory with another £80,000 now raised in his name.

It transcends the idea of pride in your son, actually I find whoever it was I'd be quite awestruck by what he did. That sort of reaction we've had from so many people that we know and on social media. You almost didn't need to know him at all to understand how much he had to offer.

Mark's Dad
Mark wrote a blog about his experience in the hope it would help others. Credit: Mark's Blog

Now Mark's family has chosen to release a book of his blog where he spoke candidly about his illness.

He had set a target of raising just £1000 from his hospital bed and had made the rest of his life about educating people about preventing skin cancer.

ITV West Country's Kylie Pentelow spoke to Mark last year when he was still having treatment - even then he was determined to raise money and wanted to warn others of the dangers of skin cancer.

This weekend supporters will join Mark's family on a fundraising walkstarting at Bath Abbey and travelling along the Cotswolds Way.

The route follows the last walk Mark was able to take with his dad Chris before he became too unwell in November 2015.