GE2017: Fortune Teller says Boris Johnson should have listened to her

Vilma says she would welcome Boris back to listen to her. Credit: ITV News

The fortune teller who predicted that the Conservatives would not win the General Election and told Boris Johnson exactly what she thought of him, says she would invite him back.

Vilma, from Plymouth says she wants the politician to listen to her though instead of talking and "avoiding the issue".

This is what happened when Boris visited the psychic just days before voters went to the polls.

Vilma also made a shock announcement about Boris Johnson's future political allegiances.

I think there'll come a time when he'll swap sides. May not be in the next couple of years, but eventually, if he stays in government. He's going to lose faith in what he believes in, like everybody else has lost faith, the rest of the human population's lost faith.

Vilma, Fortune Teller