'I am in early labour - and we've come to vote Labour' - woman's emotional video goes viral

A video of a woman in the early stages of labour, ensuring she still manages to cast her vote for Labour has gone viral.

Robin de Carteret , from Totnes, posted a video of his wife Hanna Mulder, on Facebook to encourage others to get out there and cast their votes.

It's so far had 67,000 views and been shared almost 1,000 times. ITV News has spoken to Robin since and as of lunchtime on Friday, Hanna is still in labour.

In the video she says "We have come to the polling station and I am in early labour - and we've come to vote Labour.

"I want to vote Labour because when this one comes out, hopefully really soon, I want it to be growing up in a world in which people care about each other.

I feel really lucky that in a few hours' time, I can go down to our local hospital, and I can give birth in a really amazing and supported environment with brilliantly trained staff, who really care.

Hanna Mulder

Pointing to her toddler daughter, Ivy, Hanna adds she believes Labour is her best chance at a hope of building "that future together".

Before saying:

"If I can get out and vote, you can get out and vote."