Paddy Ashdown: Theresa May has been given a 'resounding raspberry' by the country

Paddy Ashdown says May's Brexit mandate has been rejected. Credit: ITV News

Paddy Ashdown, who told ITV News just days ago that Theresa May would romp to victory, winning 60 seats, has now told the same programme that the election result has given him another "hat-eating moment". But, the Liberal Democrat says he takes comfort from the fact that "everyone else got it wrong, including Theresa May" herself.

Paddy says the General Election result is evidence that the Lib Dems are rebuilding.

Despite not making inroads in Devon and Cornwall, Paddy Ashdown praised the current party leader Tim Farron for increasing the number of Lib Dem MPs by 50%. Paddy argues that the party can rebuild itself through its strong hold in local government.

Echoing Tim Farron's sentiments, Paddy has ruled out a Lib Dem coalition with the Conservatives or Labour dubbing them the "bringers of doom to this country".

During his scathing attack of Theresa May, Paddy said she must now step down.

Reflecting on the current political situation, Paddy said he'd never seen anything like this, describing the Westminster climate as the most polarised in his lifetime.

It is the Liberal Democrats, he says, who must now occupy the centre and speak up for the "voiceless" moderates in this country.