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Steve Crowther named as new UKIP Leader

Steve Crowther will head up UKIP until a permanent leader is elected. Photo: ITV News

The failed North Devon UKIP Parliamentary candidate has become the Party's new leader.

Steve Crowther has stepped in after Paul Nuttall, who led the party through the general election has stepped down.

I am honoured to have been asked by the NEC to stand in as Interim Leader for the next few weeks until our new Party Leader is elected.

I respect Paul’s decision to step down, though I regret that he has not had time to show his full potential. But this was always going to be a difficult election. We just didn't know that Mrs May was going to make such an almighty hash of it.

– Steve Crowther, Interim Leader UKIP

UKIP did not have a single candidate elected on 8 June, but the Party's new leader says it still has an important role to play in upcoming Brexit negotiations.

UKIP’s presence on the political battlefield has just got a lot more critical, as those who want to thwart Brexit use this excuse to try and throw it into reverse. Despite the Lib-Dems’ total failure to recover, Nick Clegg losing his seat and his own narrow squeak, Tim Farron is already claiming that Mrs May’s incompetent electioneering somehow overrides the expressed will of the people to leave the EU.

We cannot let this happen. UKIP will now rapidly regroup, choose a new Leader and get back on our horse. We will provide the backbone for the full, proper Brexit that the people voted for last year, and which is the only way to protect this country from the impending economic meltdown in Europe, and get back control of our borders – something which is clearly long overdue.

– Steve Crowther, Interim Leader UKIP

Steve says he will meet with the party on Monday to get it in shape to elect a new, more permanent leader.

At home, this was the result in Steve Crowther's constituency:

NORTH DEVON - CON HOLD - turnout 73.5%

  • Stephen Crowther, UKIP - 1,187
  • Mark Cann, Labour - 7,063
  • Sir Nick Harvey, Liberal Democrat - 21,185
  • Peter Heaton-Jones, Conservative - 25,517 (Majority: 4,332, +3% swing)