Somerset man cures Diabetes by losing 10 stone in a year

A Somerset man who has cured his Type 2 diabetes by losing 10 stone in just a year believes he would probably be dead if hadn't changed his life.

David MacAuslan from Taunton turned his life around by deciding to eat better and take more regular exercise at his local gym.

He is now trying to encourage others to emulate his achievement by living a healthier lifestyle.

His trainer says he is a 'pretty awesome guy'. Credit: ITV News

On his daughter's wedding day in the summer of 2015 David was almost double the weight he is now.

But his dramatic transformation has resulted in a huge improvement in his health - including the complete reversal of his Diabetes.

He says he is also healthier mentally and is interacting better with people:

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David's trainer Jo Langton describes him as 'a pretty awesome guy' who loves to push himself to go a bit faster on the treadmill.

David says his weight loss has been based on counting his carbohydrates and weighing what he eats.

But occasionally even he has a moment of luxury: