Disabled sprinter urges others to get involved in sport

Credit: ITV News

World-class visually impaired sprinter Natasha Mead, 22, is urging other young disabled people to get involved in sport.

Natasha, from Plymouth, is facing the prospect of total sight loss at some point in the future.

In the past, Natasha has represented Great Britain in both the 100m and 200m. She also competes successfully against able-bodied athletes

She wants to encourage other keen youngsters to try out and train hard, despite any challenges they may face.

Born prematurely at 24 weeks and weighing less than a bag of sugar, Natasha had visual problems at birth which have gradually worsened.

She lost sight in her left eye at 14, and has now been told that she will lose sight in her right eye.

She says she is absolutely petrified about going completely blind, but is determined to carry on training and competing - with a guide - and is keen to inspire other aspiring athletes to get into sport and follow their dreams.

She also hopes she can inspire 'reluctant' youngsters not to give up on sport.

Natasha Mead alongside her running guide. Credit: Credit

Having just missed out on qualification for the London 2012 Paralympics, Natasha is hoping for another shot at a different level of disability. She is currently in T13 category, but as her sight has deteriorated she should now run in T12 class.

Last year, she featured in a TV advert for the Rio Paralympics.

Natasha trains twice a week at Exeter Arena with her coach at South West Athletics Academy, Sonya Ellis, who has supported and coached her since the age of 11.

You can watch Natasha's appeal as part of the Fixers Campaign below: