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West Country Zoo animals enjoy rising temperatures

Penguins at Living Coasts are enjoying the sunshine. Photo: ITV News

As temperatures rise across the South West, it is not just us who cool down on a warm day with an ice lolly.

Residents in the region's Zoos are taking dips in pools and resting up in the shade.

The penguins at Living Coasts in Torquay are certainly enjoying the sunshine.

Most zoo animals come from warmer climates, but actually all animals are very adaptable to our weather variations – they’re far more adaptable than we are!

– Phil Knowling, Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

While many of the animals are suited to warmer temperatures, Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts take precautions to protect their residents too.

During hot weather the Zoo's keepers make sure animals have access to indoor and outdoor shade and plenty of fresh water.

Penguins cool off in the shade. Credit: ITV News

Some of our penguins come from Africa, so are used to strong sunshine. They have pools and sprays – plus their very own beach hut on Penguin Beach made out of wooden poles and heather thatch!

– Phil Knowling, Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
These penguins chill out under a fan. Credit: ITV News