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Stonehenge prepares for Summer Solstice

Queues for the Summer Solstice. Credit: Jane Solomons/ITV News

Thousands of people are gathering at Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice ahead of the longest day of the year.

This lady travelled from Poland for the Solstice. Credit: Jane Solomons/ITV News

The sunrise will take place at 4.52am and will be a sacred moment for many of those who have travelled to the Wiltshire landmark to watch.

Armed police at Stonehenge. Credit: Jane Solomons/ITV News

Extra security is in place for the event with armed police on site to make sure the celebrations go off safely.

Officers are also on the look out for people breaking the law:

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Night time entertainment while waiting for the sun to rise Credit: ITV News West Country
Druid Mark Sealey from Bristol prepares to celebrate the Solstice. Credit: Jane Solomons/ITV News

It's seen as a sacred moment and attracts hippies, druids and tourists to the site in Wiltshire to watch the sun rise through the stones.