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Glastonbury Festival opens its gates early

Staff get ready to welcome the hordes! Credit: ITV News West Country

It's that time of year again. When the population the size of Bath moves to a field in Somerset.

Tens of thousands of people queued overnight in a bid to get the perfect pitch. Or even better, be first in. Organisers opened the gates more than half an hour early to let them in.

Credit: PA

However there is a bittersweet start to the opening day. For a festival that is so in touch with the political fabric of the UK there will be plenty of time to reflect on the recent terror attacks and tragedies.

Credit: PA

Heightened security is visible across Worthy Farm. Longer checks and searches mean more delays, and the continued heatwave could keep medical tents busy throughout the week.

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But don't expect any of that to dampen the spirit of Glastonbury. The festival is an event like no other. From circus performers to rock and roll legends, to secret underground gigs and giant mechanical spiders. The theatre is all part of the show.

Yet, at its heart are the 175,000 festival goers who celebrate, in the wind and rain, everything that is good about Britain.

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