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The West Country sees in the solstice in style

Around 13,000 people gathered at Stonehenge in Wiltshire to see the sun rise on the longest day. The event was also marked across the region

Waiting for the sun to make an appearance at Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Credit: ITV News West Country
The spectacular sky as the sun rises through the stones. Credit: ITV News West Country
Conditions were perfect for the spectacle. Credit: ITV News West Country
Pagans celebrate the solstice which they see as holding special power. Credit: ITV News West Country
Dawn was at 4.43am and sunset will take place at 9.31pm Credit: ITV News West Country
The big picture at the ancient monument. Credit: PA
  • Watch the moment the sun rose with some commentary from Druid of Stonehenge, Rollo Maughfling

A handful of people in Devon climbed Haytor on Dartmoor to get one of the best views of the sunrise in the country. You can just see our cameraman Matt on the far right of the rocks.

These solstice-watchers certainly went to great lengths Credit: Richard Fox
While this photographer took to Scorhill on Dartmoor for his solstice shot. Credit: Andrew Sweeny
As solstice sunrises go this was a good one - this was taken at Ottery St Mary. Credit: Moira Lascelles
A solstice swim - the Battery Belles and Buoys of Penzance were up early. Credit: Denise Gent
And this was taken on Weymouth beach at precisely 5.50am - Happy Solstice everyone. Credit: Lee Dolbear

Most people have heard of the stone circles in Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire but there is also one at Stanton Drew in Somerset where more than 100 people gathered to pray in the longest day.

Worshippers at Stanton Drew joined hands and sang as the sun rose Credit: ITV News West Country
Hugs all round on this momentous occasion. Credit: ITV News West Country