Exeter school boys who wore skirts to school in a protest over their summer school uniform have won their battle.

Pupils at the Isca Academy ditched their trousers and put on skirts after the school prevented them from wearing shorts during the recent heatwave.

Now, the school has done a u-turn and will allow shorts to be worn as part of the permitted uniform from next summer.

As summers are becoming hotter, shorts will be introduced as part of our school uniform next year having first consulted with students and parents. We feel that introducing a change in uniform part way through this year would put undue pressure on some of our families.

Isca Academy spokesperson

A statement on the school's website state that they would not introduce the new policy this year, for fear or putting "undue pressure" on some families.

Meanwhile, the school has allowed the following during the warmer temperatures:

  • pupils do not have to wear a jumper or blazer

  • pupils do not have to wear ties

  • pupils can have the top button on their shirts undone

  • pupils can wear their shirts untucked if they are feeling very hot

The school website also reiterated that no pupils had been reprimanded for wearing skirts to school.