Extra police patrols near school after attempted abduction

Credit: St Laurence School

There will be an increase in police patrols near St Laurence school in Bradford on Avon following an attempted abduction.

A female student was approached by a man in his 50s as she walked along Churches on Wednesday 21 June at approximately 3.30pm. The man deliberately swerved his silver grey van in front of the girl, got out and opened its sliding door.

The man is described as:

  • white and in his 50s

  • with receding hair and a large beer belly

The incident has been reported to the police who are investigating and officers will be monitoring the area after school hours.

Other students have been informed of the incident and given reminders about how to stay safe including never accepting lifts from strangers, walk with other students wherever possible and avoid using mobile phones or headphones when walking.

Students are being urged to report any suspicious activities to their parents or staff at school and if any parents or students have any further information about the van they are being asked to report this either directly to the police or to the school.