Glastonbury Festival clean up operation begins

And so it begins, the Glastonbury Festival clear up, starts now. Credit: ITV News

An army of volunteers and cleaners have descended on Glastonbury to deal with the aftermath of the Festival.

Dozens of tractors are drafted in to help with the clear up operation.

Transporting the festival debris and hundreds of volunteers around the site, with the tractors around, Glastonbury begins to look like a farm again.

One of dozens of tractors used in the clear up operation. Credit: ITV West Country

In the past, half a million bags of rubbish have been collected from the five-day festival.

One of the clean team takes a break. Credit: ITV West Country

The clear up doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, for some the fun goes on!

Credit: ITV West Country

With hundreds of thousands of people attending the festival which spans a 1200 acre site, just image how much rubbish is generated.

It takes an army of clean up volunteers to tackle the Glastonbury site. Credit: ITV West Country

From tents to clothes all manner of items are found discarded by the team, reusable items are salvaged where possible and passed on to charities.

A fleet of tractors ready to be deployed on their clean up mission. Credit: ITV West Country