Power surge as Glastonbury goers all shower at the same time

Glastonbury 2017. Credit: PA

Renewable energy firm Pure Planet says that Glastonbury goers could use nearly 200 megawatts of power when they return home on today.

40,000 trees will be needed to offset the amount of Carbon Dioxide produced by extra-long showers after five days of camping.

That is enough water used to fill more than 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The 175,000 festival goers who have been without a shower for up to five days in a clammy field are all getting back home at the same time…and all needing the longest shower of the year.

With just over half of British households having an electric shower, Pure Planet calculated that 87,500 people who attended the world’s best known festival at Worthy Farm would be switching their showers on as soon as they arrived home this morning.

They worked out that if each one of those embarked on a shower lasting 15 minutes – that’s 1.8 times longer than the average shower duration in the UK – assuming each person had a typical 9kW rated shower, each person’s wash would use 2.25kWh.

Combined, this would use 196,875 kWh of energy – or nearly 200 MWh. This is enough electricity to power the entire Glastonbury Festival…for 45 minutes.

And the showers would use up 2,237,500 gallons of water – enough to fill an Olympic pool more than three times over.