Arguably one of Mid Devon's most picturesque spots is to get a patrol boat in an effort to keep it cleaner and safer.

Local people in Tiverton have raised money to refurbish a boat which, manned by a volunteer skipper, will patrol the Grand Western Canal.

At its helm, is volunteer skipper Dion Howells who says for one day a week and during the evenings he will, among other things, look out for people's safety and anti-social behaviour.

We've got people who unfortunately allow people to foul the canal, they drop litter all up the canal and have fires along the canal and we're just here to talk to them and encourage and educate them and we'll be working in conjunction with Devon County Council rangers and the Environment Agency and just keeping an eye on the fish stocks, what people are doing, how they're fishing illegally or otherwise.

DION HOWELLS, Volunteer skipper, Community Patrol Boat
The unveiling ceremony on the canal. Credit: ITV News West Country

Supported by local businesses, local residents fundraised to generate enough money to buy the patrol service. It cost around £5000.

It comes equipped with it's own siren - which Dion says will be used if he spots people who are up to no good.

Credit: ITV News

The running costs are estimated to be around £3 a day.

Phil Brind's family's worked along here for 32 years - he donated the boat 'Ripple' - which has since been refurbished.

As far as the community is concerned they've all come together, they heard about this idea, they gathered to actually be a part of this.

PHIL BRIND, Tiverton Canal Company

For those who enjoy this area - they have high hopes for the patrol boat on the infamous canal.