RSPCA rescue becomes explosives search dog

Roxy with PC Lee Webb. Credit: Wiltshire Police

An unwanted Staffordshire bull terrier who was saved by the RSPCA after her previous owner could no longer care for her, has become the first ever rescue Staffie to qualify as a police explosives search dog.

Roxy arrived at West Hatch in Somerset after being brought to the centre by an inspector. She appeared to have an impressive talent for tracking down hidden tennis balls so the animal charity contacted police dog trainer PC Lee Webb.

He's worked alongside the charity to help 14 rescue dogs overcome abuse, neglect and abandonment to become police dogs in the past five years.

Roxy will be searching for explosives for Wiltshire Police after qualifying on the 28 June.

Police dog Roxy is a rescue dog ... she showed some great skills that we knew would make her a brilliant police explosives dog. She really shone during her initial training course and has now successfully gained her licence. We are all thrilled to have another rescue dog on board – these dogs may not have had the easiest start in life but they are amazing crime-fighting dogs and Roxy will no doubt have a great career ahead of her.