A man with cerebral palsy from Tewkesbury says the stress of justifying 24-hour care is damaging his health.

Nigel Hamlett recently won a battle to keep his round the clock home care. But now he must be assessed every year by the council, even though his condition is only deteriorating. ITV West Country's Ken Goodwin went to meet him.

At Christmas, Nigel was battling the keep his 24-hour home care, that fight was successful, but now the process begins again and he will be re-assessed in six months time. He says the stress of worrying about this, affects his health.

It started to cause me chest pains, I thought I was having a heart attack. Now, I can't go through life like that. I'm nearly 50 and I don't want this drama every day, arguments on the phone every day.

Nigel Hamlett

Nigel says that because his condition, cerebral palsy, will never improve there is no point in carrying out annual assessments which he argues are not only a waste of time and money but cause unnecessary stress.

I know that nothing is ever going to change other than getting worse as I get older. But they say that in six months time I then have got to go through the rigmarole all again, battle all again.

Nigel Hamlett

Gloucestershire County Council carries out the assessments, they provided this statement in response to Nigel's case.

A statement from Margaret Willcox, Director for Adult Services. Credit: Gloucestershire County Council