Huge response to book from well-known Devon traveller

Many of us dream of upping sticks, shunning the modern world and just living the simple live. But not many of us actually do it.

If you live in Devon though, you'll no doubt know a man who did. John Treagood has spent more than four decades travelling around the county with is horse and cart, pulling in at various grass verges and setting up camp.

At 81, his memoirs have now been made into a book, with proceeds going to the World Horse Welfare charity.

John never met his parents. He was brought up in Kent by his grandfather, and ran away at 16. He then joined the Army, got blinded in one eye, and then used his payout to get an education. He holds a BA in medieval history and a PhD in environmental studies. He became a freelance lecturer before one day picking up his backpack and going for a walk - he never came back.

John wakes before 6am every morning. He spends his days collecting firewood, tending to his dogs Hale and Whisky and reading.

Back in 2015, a worldwide funding appeal was launched when John's beloved horse Gildor died. Almost 1,000 people donated money, and John now has a new cob called Misty.

John used to travel across the whole country, but now at 81, he sticks mostly to his favourite spots in East Devon.

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