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Large sinkhole opens up in Warminster

The fire service attended the sinkhole on Tuesday 4 July. Photo: ITV News

A 40ft deep sinkhole has opened up in Warminster. Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service was called just before 2pm to Marsh Street. The hole, which is 10ft across is just 2ft from two houses. No one was hurt when it opened up.

It is thought that the hole is an old well, that was covered by ancient brick paving which suddenly gave way.

Area below the paving is 10ft wide and 40ft deep. Credit: Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service

The fire service has called for a council expert to attend to assess what can be done to make it safe.

The owner of the house with the sinkhole, Andrew Batchelor, says he was "shocked" see the depth of the hole.

The plan is for concrete or a similar material to poured in the fill the sinkhole.

Credit: ITV News