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Meet Gus and and Zebedee who are forging an unlikely friendship

New friends are being made in a Bristol zoo. Photo: Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Two unlikely characters at a Bristol Zoo have become the best of friends.

Baby giraffe Gus has been spending time with an inquisitive zebra at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, with the pair exchanging licks and nuzzles.

Gus was born last month at the 100 acre wildlife park and after a few weeks settling in, he has been quick to explore his outdoor field and meet his neighbour, Zebedee the Zebra.

Gus’ late father Gerald was also friends with Zebedee during his younger years at the zoo and the friendship now seems to have passed on to Gerald’s son.

Helping each other out with a little bit of grooming. Credit: Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Giraffes are a protected species, classified as 'vulnerable'. Wild populations are suffering from continuing decline, since 1985 the total giraffe population has fallen by 35%.

After the passing of older male Gerald earlier this year, the family of three giraffes at Noah’s Ark has become 4 again with the arrival of Gus. He joins sibling brothers George, 4 and Geoffrey, 2.

Gus and Zebedee getting to know each other. Credit: Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm