Fried ice cream not all its cracked up to be

Fried ice cream is proving a hit with the residents in Liskeard. Credit: ITV News

It's the latest dessert which really takes the biscuit.

Fried ice cream has been proving a hit with the residents of Liskeard, with ice cream manufacturer 'Treat Yourself' hailing it as the next best thing in Cornwall.

But disappointingly there's no deep-fat frier in sight.

Owner Tessa Hicks explains that the recipe originates from Thailand and actually involves using a freezer plate.

"A lot of people come in expecting a deep-fat fryer, they expect the ice cream to go in it, so you do have to explain that it's not actually fried. When you explain what it's actually about they do actually get the concept."

"It's all about getting the right temperature to freeze the ice-cream and the fruit together and the chocolates together. It's normally between -22C and -25C. It's a contact freezer plate, so then as you soon as your poor cream on it freezes."

So it's time to forget comparisons to Scotland and the deep fried Mars bar. But the proof is in the pudding, watch below to see how the residents of Liskeard reacted: