A bridge too far: The controversial plans to transform Tintagel

The vision of the bridge which will have a small gap in the middle. Credit: © MRC/Ney & Partners/Emily Whitfield-Wicks

Plans to build a footbridge between Tintagel Castle and the rest of the Cornish coastline is causing controversy, with critics claiming it will turn the historic site into a "fairytale theme park".

English Heritage has submitted the £4 million plans to Cornwall Council. However, questions have been raised over the stability of the 72 metre bridge, considering the high-wind speeds.

There is also concern over an unusual design feature which means there will be a small gap the middle of the bridge, with each side anchored to the rock-face.

English Heritage says the bridge will attract more visitors to the ancient site. Credit: © MRC/Ney & Partners/Emily Whitfield-Wicks

Cornwall councillor Bert Biscoe believes the site is being Disneyfied, and is angry over the fact Tintagel Castle is becoming more associated with the legend of King Arthur rather than its "true history".

"This is simply not the right place to be putting something of that ilk. Because the place is so protected. it is so important to the cultural heritage, not just of Cornwall but of Britain, Europe and the world."

English Heritage has defended its plans. They say the bridge will attract more visitors by replacing a land link that crumbled into the sea centuries ago.

"The bridge that we've chosen is beautiful and has minimal impact ont he landscape and archeology."

Cornwall Council are expected to make their decision in September.