A farmer from Cornwall has vowed to cut down the telephone poles on his land in protest at slow broadband speeds on his computer.

Richard Gardner from Egloskerry near Launceston says he has had issues with the speed of his connection from his provider BT for months, with more than 15 engineers being dispatched to try and solve the problem.

"The equipment just doesn't do what it's meant to do. I'm paying for it, I've spent untold hours on the phone, trying to make it work."

Richard claims the slow speeds are having a dramatic impact on his business. He struggles to receive emails and register livestock, as well as selling cattle on auction websites.

It is also taking a huge impact on his health, Richard suffers from a heart condition, and needs to order medication online, which he says he now struggles to do.

So he has resolved to taking drastic action...

In a statement, BT say:

“We are very sorry for the ongoing fault with Mr Gardner’s broadband service and the disruption this is causing him. We are looking into what has gone wrong and will work to restore service as quickly as possible.”

BT Spokesperson
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