Gay man reveals racism within LGBT community

Duy says he was repeatedly called a 'chinq' when entering one club in Bristol. Credit: ITV News

A young gay man from Bristol has spoken out about the racism he's experienced in the LGBT community.

Duy Hoang, 25, says it's a widespread problem that's not talked about, and adds that it's hypocritical for a hounded minority to itself be prejudiced.

"It is surprising that a lot of these LGBT people have experienced bullying in schools growing up and now they feel comfortable bullying other people."

Duy described how he was regularly the victim of racism when trying to enjoy a night out with his friends.

"There was a club in Bristol where the owner, who is well known in the community, called me a 'chinq' every time I entered. The club being quite full and loud would laugh, rather than challenge that language"

Duy's claims are supported by a recent study showing high proportions of ethnic minority gay men experiencing discrimination.

Ian Howley, from the Gay Men’s Health Charity said: "This is not a question any more whether the gay community is racist, its now a statement the gay community is racist."

Duy says his main message is that "we belong to the same community, a community that has gone through a lot of discrimination in the past – so you shouldn’t discriminate."

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