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Man posts emotional video after trying to save motorcyclist's life

Richard Howman breaks down as he recounts how he tried to save a man's life. Photo: Richard Howman

A former Army medic has made an emotional video begging people to learn CPR, moments after using it to try and save a man's life.

Richard Howman, 41, was on his way to work when he came across an accident between a motorcyclist and a tractor in Priddy, Somerset.

He battled to save the life of Shaun Morgan as he lay in the road but tragically the motorcyclist died at the scene.

Returning his to car an hour and a half later, Richard posted an emotional video onto social media, recounting what had happened and urging people to learn CPR.

In the video he said, "I have to say that stopping CPR is possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. The reason I'm on here is to tell you 'go out and learn basic life-support, do it tomorrow. Life is so, so short."

Mr Howman added: "I believed we would be able to resuscitate him. He was unconscious the whole time but I never, ever gave up. I had every confidence we would get him back."

Watch the full video here:

More than 13,000 people have watched the video on Facebook and Mr Howman is hopeful that even if just a handful learn lifesaving skills it could make a difference.

He met Mr Morgan's grieving family days after the tragedy.

Mr Morgan's dad, Steve, described Mr Howman as "my hero" and urged people to take the message to heart.

He said: "Please listen to this young man he is my hero. I can't thank you enough in your efforts in trying to save my son's life."