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Long-awaited A30 dual carriageway due to open

The new dual carriageway on the A30 is due to open at Temple tomorrow. Credit: ITV West Country

After years of tortuous tailbacks on the A30 near Bodmin tens of thousands of motorists can finally look forward tomorrow, 14 July, to the opening of a new stretch of dual carriageway.

Motorists aren't the only people who have been left frustrated by two years of delays. Local businesses say the roadworks between Temple and Bodmin have blighted trade - leaving them thousands of pounds out of pocket.

The owners of this garage and coffee house say the roadworks cut their trade by 80% Credit: ITV West Country

For a month Tanya's, an independent garage and coffee house near Blisland had to close altogether. And even when the access to their business was open - she says the roadworks damaged trade by more than 80%.

Why did they have to carry on for this long and why did they have to do it in the summer period? Why did they have to do it at this point in time when that is our business time. That is when we make our money. Prime time! What were they doing in the winter time? There was no one out there working.

– Tanya Jey, Business owner
Credit: ITV West Country

Now the road on their side is open, they can finally properly restock, but they've had to dip into their own savings to keep afloat - with no help from Cornwall Council.

We put the claim about compensation to Cornwall Council which issued this statement:

Where we have had to close off access for very limited periods of time, we have compensated the affected businesses.

We continue to work with affected property owners to ensure that they are treated fairly and properly compensated where compensation is due.

– Cornwall Council
There have been hundreds of disgruntled motorists through the doors of Cornwall Services. Credit: ITV West Country

Ten miles on - on the other side of the A30 is Cornwall Services. They opened just before the roadworks started and have seen many tired and frustrated motorists pull in after being stuck in bottlenecks caused by the upgrade.

Business leaders in Cornwall today said the opening couldn't come soon enough. They believe it's dissuaded thousands of tourists from visiting Cornwall. There is light at the end of the roadworks - the head of Visit Cornwall said an online survey had found that people were saying they'd return to the Duchy, now the chaos is over.

Tomorrow the cones will be gone and traffic will be back to normal. Credit: ITV West Country

From tomorrow, the A30 at Temple will be dualled for the first time, there'll be no roadworks and cars will be able to travel at normal speeds. But it doesn't take away the two and a half years of torment it's caused for some.