People who live near a Somerset crossroads, which they describe as “lethal”, have taken to holding their own warning signs up to drivers in an attempt to save lives.

On 29th June Shaun Morgan from Bristol died at the crossroads between the B3134 and the B3135 on the Mendip Hills near Priddy.

Local people are now putting pressure on the authorities to do something about the number of people having accidents at the junction.

As well as arranging ‘human signs’, local farmer Jon King has also been cutting back the verges around the junction so drivers can better see the actual signs.

People have been taking matters into their own hands. Credit: ITV West Country

We’re doing this road safety campaign where we’re holding up signs to try and warn people of the junction and ask them to slow down and just generally take care on the junction. Most of the people put their hand up, stick their thumb up. The odd one is not very receptive to us – they’re in a hurry to get home and things like that but unfortunately the lad here that had the accident, he didn’t actually get home and that’s the reason we’re here trying to prevent it from happening again.

Jon King, local farmer

Shaun Morgan’s family this week returned to where he lost his life after his motorbike collided with a tractor.

Credit: ITV West Country

A passing former army medic tried to save the father of two. Leading to an emotional video which has been seen by thousands of people online.

Shaun’s family have been telling our Somerset Correspondent, Ben McGrail, that his death could have been prevented.

This particular road is a very quick road, very dangerous road. There are signs show but I don’t think they’re in the right position.

Joe Morgan, Shaun's brother

Bob Reynolds lives right next to the junction and he says he’s seen at least ten people die here over the years and witnessed countless accidents.

Bob says he's called 999 up to 30 times so far. Credit: ITV West Country

I think you get immune to it because it happens so often. You’ll hear a skid and wait for the bang and if there’s a bang we come outside and try and help if we can. I think I’d only made one 999 call in my life before I came here – I’ve now made twenty, thirty. It goes on.

Bob Reynolds, lives nearby

A spokesperson for Somerset County Council said: “We always look to improve safety on our roads, monitoring information about accidents and listening to community concerns.

“At this stage it is too early to draw any conclusions about the causes of the most recent incident, but we will be assisting police in their accident investigation.

“Signage on the approach to the junction was updated about four years ago, including the introduction of a vehicle activated warning sign on the south-bound B3134.

“We have heard the most recent concerns that are being raised and our highways team is working closely with the police to consider all appropriate options to address them.

“We’re always happy to work with communities and other agencies like police and fire to improve safety on Somerset’s roads”.