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Human skulls discovered in Totnes

The skulls are believed to be up to 100 years old. Photo: Totnes Police

Builders in Totnes have made a rather grizzly discovery - a human skull left in a carrier bag.

It was found behind the empty Budgens building on Fore Street at around lunchtime on Monday.

Police were called and they found a second skull on the banks of the River Dart later that day, also being stored in a carrier bag.

Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police

What do we know?

The skulls have been examined by specialist officers and are believed to be up to 100 years old, although they will be more accurately dated after further forensic analysis.

One skull is male and the other female, both people were over 21 years old when they died.

The female skull was better preserved than the male having traces of hair present, suggesting that it was kept in a crypt-type environment.

Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police

Further enquiries are being conducted by Totnes CID but it is not being treated as a criminal investigation.