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Nimble at ninety: Is this the UK's oldest Zumba dancer?

Dorrie Pack comes to the class once a week. Photo: ITV News

A great-grandmother from east Devon has stunned friends at her fitness class, who had no idea she was ninety years old.

Dorrie Pack comes to the class once a week.

Her fellow dancers think she must be the oldest Zumba dancer in the country.

Here she is in action:

It completely takes you out of yourself. You just feel so wonderful. You've no time to feel anything else really.

When I get out of here I could sweep the roads, I feel so energised.

– Dorrie Pack

Always found front and centre of the class, Dorrie shows people several decades younger than her how it's done.

They say she's a shining light in their class:

Dorrie took up Zumba after the death of her husband Ken - they'd been childhood sweethearts and married in 1948.

He'd been in the Navy during the war.

Dorrie and her husband on their wedding day.

Dorrie was too young to join the Wrens, so she became a Land Girl and spent three years on farms in Worcestershire, ploughing, picking veg and working with animals.

Dorrie as a Land Girl.

She's led an active life ever since, and says Thursday morning Zumba is the highlight of her week.