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The Duchess' untold story: author received abuse over new Camilla biography

A journalist and author who's written a number of books about the British Royal Family has revealed that she's received death threats and online abuse over her decades of work.

Penny Junor from Wiltshire has been writing about Prince Charles for more than 30 years.

In her latest biography, she's turned her attention to his wife - Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Penny Junor's latest book focusses on the Duchess of Cornwall. Credit: ITV News

Penny believes the work 'redresses the balance' about public attitudes towards The Duchess as she celebrates her 70th birthday.

Credit: ITV News

Penny says she feels sorry for the Duchess, who she says became a hate figure after her relationship with Prince Charles was revealed.

I would say she was the most hated woman in Britain, she had poisonous letters, she had phone calls, she had photographers stationed at the end of her drive.

She couldn't go anywhere, she was a prisoner in her own home.

– Penny Junor, Royal biographer
Penny believes her new work 'redresses the balance' about public attitudes towards Camilla Credit: ITV News

Penny admits she is an admirer of the Prince, and now says she genuinely likes Camilla after observing her at close quarters.

I have become a great fan of hers. You can't not, if you meet her in the flesh, and I think that has been her great success.

Before she married Charles, nobody knew what she was like. We had Diana's view of her, which was that she was a "rottweiler" and a "marriage-wrecker".

– Penny Junor, Royal biographer
Credit: ITV News

But her writing is not without cost. In the past Penny has received death threats for writing about the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana.

I got nothing but abuse and death threats... but then this was nearly 20 years ago, Diana was not long dead.

– Penny Junor, Royal biographer

Now she says she has been targeted on social media for writing a book some perceive as being unfair to the memory of Diana, and overly sympathetic to The Duchess of Cornwall.

Penny says she hasn't got plans for writing any more royal books at the moment, as her latest has taken her three years.