At least 35,000 homes are without water after a water main burst in Willsbridge, Bristol.

Bristol Water has said repairs are underway but they are not yet sure how long the works will take.

People living in the following areas are likely to be affected:

  • Whitchurch

  • Stockwood

  • Willsbridge

  • Hanham

  • Longwell Green

  • Keynsham

  • Willsbridge

Our teams are currently investigation the situation, but we still don’t know how long the works will take. We do apologise for the inconvenience this might cause.

Bristol Water

There are also schools closed in the area, currently six. Check the South Gloucestershire Council website to see if your school is shut today.

Bowsers with drinking water will be at Tesco and Waitrose in Keynsham for those who need supplies.