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Cancelled Olly Murs gig: what to do if you had tickets

The pop star's gig near Exeter next Saturday was called off. Photo: Matt Crossick/ PA

Thousands of Olly Murs fans have been left disappointed by news that his upcoming concert at Powderham Castle has been cancelled.

The pop star's gig was called off after the promoters went into liquidation.

Stephen C Associates Limited said in a statement that "the company is not in a position to offer you a refund."

Here's what you can do:

  • If you paid using a credit card
Contact your credit card company. Credit: PA

If you've spent more than £100 on the tickets, you're covered by section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

Any claim against the supplier in respect of a misrepresentation or breach of contract, he shall have a like claim against the creditor, who, with the supplier, shall accordingly be jointly and severally liable to the debtor.

– Consumer Credit Act, 1974

This means that your credit card provider is jointly liable if something goes wrong.

Ask your credit card holder to refund you the money.

  • If you bought through a ticket agent
Credit: PA

If you bought your concert tickets through a ticket agent then contact them directly.

ITV News is contacting specific agents for their stance. So far the following have responded:

* GIGANTIC TICKETS: will offer face value refunds to customers over the next ten days

* THE TICKET COMPANY: say they can't offer refunds as the money has already been passed to the promoter, but will refund transaction fees

  • If you paid using a debit card
You might still be able to get a refund if you paid by debit card. Credit: PA

According to the promoter, Stephen C Associates Limited, "because you bought your tickets by some other means, it would appear that you will not be able to recover your money".

But people can appeal to the liquidators for a refund out of any money salvaged from shutting down the company's operations.


You may also be able to approach your bank for something called "chargeback".

Chargeback lets you ask your card provider to reverse a transaction on your debit card for tickets which have not been delivered - although its not a legal requirement, many banks will do this.

However, chargeback doesn't mean there is joint liability on the card company. If the seller disputes the refund then the dispute is between you and them.

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