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Skulls found in plastic bags will be returned to homeless man

A pair of century-old human skulls found in plastic bags in Totnes belong to a homeless man and will be returned to him, police have confirmed.

Workmen were clearing the area behind a former Budgens building on Fore Street when the first skull was found on Monday.

Police were called and they found a second skull on the banks of the River Dart later that day, also being stored in a carrier bag.

One of the skulls is male, the other is female. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

One skull is that of a man and the other belonged to a woman and still has some hair attached to it.

Both have now been sent to the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification at the University of Dundee.

The skulls are believed to be up to 100 years old. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

Sgt Tim Perrin said they have identified the owner as a homeless man and confirmed no criminal investigation was underway.

He said a number of people were sleeping rough in the area where clearing work was being carried out.

When the first skull was found a man sleeping there said "what are you doing with my skull?"

There is no criminal investigation taking place and as long as the coroner has no interest in them then they should be able to go back to the person who owns them.

I'd imagine they were acquired from one of his friends in the vagrant community.

– Sgt Tim Perrin