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Plymouth Argyle stadium redevelopment plans go on show

The club has ambitious plans for the stadium and ground. Photo: ADG KT

Plymouth Argyle is inviting supporters to the club's ground over the next two days to see the latest plans for a major redevelopment of the Mayflower grandstand and the area around Home Park.

The old wooden seats at the stadium now. Credit: ITV News

The club wants to build a new stand along with an ice rink and restaurants. A planning application for the ambitious project is set to be submitted to Plymouth City Council at the end of the month. If it gets the go ahead there will also be a 1100 seat ice arena and 107 bed hotel as well as restaurants, a gym and offices.

James Brent is the Chairman of Plymouth Argyle:

Stage one of the new Mayflower Grandstand will cost around £5m and be funded differently from the commercial aspect of the application.

The funding for the Grandstand conference and banqueting facility which are owned by Plymouth Argyle Football Limited so they're owned by the club that's been funded by Simon and James Hallet through a combination of shares they bought in the club they've already bought and through a loan which is a thirty year loan at an interest rate of 2.75 percent per annum so it's very low interest rate repayable over a very very long period of time so that's how the Grandstand being funded we're funding the Ice Arena and then the commercial activities, food and beverages gym and offices that surround it.

– James Brent, Chairman, Plymouth Argygle
The proposed new stand. Credit: ADG KT

If the planning application gets the go ahead building work will start on the new Grandstand early next year and be completed by March 2019.