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Residents anger at plans to demolish hundreds of homes

A decision on knocking down more than 500 homes in Bath and replacing them with 700 new ones will be made tomorrow (26 July).

Councillors will meet to discuss plans for the new Mulberry Park development in Foxhill.

More than 250 objections have been made on the local authority’s planning portal. Credit: ITV West Country

More than 250 objections have been made to the plans. Some residents say they'll be forced out of their homes and that their community will be destroyed.

They argue that some won't be able to afford to live in the area or will have to move into something much smaller at Mulberry Park.

An outline plan to demolish 542 Bath homes and build 700 new ones has been tipped for approval. Credit: ITV West Country
homes will be demolished

It's already impacting on people, people are already suffering from stress, anxiety and not sleeping.

– Nola Edwards, Save Foxhill group
homes will be rebuilt

But housing association, Curo, has said its proposal for "much-needed regeneration" of Foxhill has the backing of many local residents.

They say that it has put in a range of support measures for homeowners and tenants, such as covering the cost of moving, "to make sure that they can stay in the local area".

Credit: ITV West Country

The plan will be discussed and decided upon when the committee meets on Wednesday 26 July.