Swindon BMW factory to work on electric Mini

There's a boost for the 850 BMW workers in Swindon as they're going to build the panels for an new all-electric Mini.

The new cars will be put together in Cowley in Oxford.

The carmaker said the model would go into production in 2019, with Oxford the main "production location" for the Mini three-door model.

However, the electric motor will be built in Germany before being shipped to Cowley for assembly.

The electric Mini will be based on the company's 3-door hatchback model. Credit: ITV West Country

BMW said the move was part of a plan for electrified vehicles to account for between 15-25% of its sales by 2025.

The carmaker employs around 18,000 staff in the UK, based in sites including Cowley, the Rolls-Royce factory in Sussex and at other sites in Birmingham and Swindon.

A fully-electric version of the Mini is to be built at a plant in Oxford, the car firm has announced. Credit: PA